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Friday, June 29, 2012

Eragon Series (Eragon;Eldest;Brisingr;Inheritance)(PDF;English)

In the fictional land of Alagaësia, there was an order who oversaw the countries and brought peace to the world. This group was known as the Dragon Riders, for they rode dragons, at the birth of which a bond was formed, in accordance with a pact made between elves and dragon millennia earlier. One Dragon Rider named Galbatorix had his dragon slain by a group of
Urgals (war-loving man-like creatures with horns similar to those of a ram) which drove him mad. Denied another Dragon by the Council of Elder Riders, Galbatorix blamed the Council for the death of his dragon and sought to destroy the order. He made an alliance with a young rider, Morzan, and with his help slew another rider and took his dragons "heart of hearts", afterwards stealing the egg of a dragon named Shruikan. Using magic, he broke Shruikan's will and forced the dragon to serve him. Gathering more Riders to his cause, he created the Thirteen Forsworn and with their help, destroyed the Rider order and their dragons. Since then, he ruled most of Alagaësia, known as the Empire, as a tyrannical King. Although he ruled neither the elves nor the dwarves.

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